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where you lead

i will follow

drops of jupiter
20 February
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3000 miles to graceland, acting, adam brody, aim, albinoblacksheep.com, angsty fics, angsty music, art, baseball, behind blue eyes, being in love, ben mckenzie, birthdays, books, boys ;), cece movies, chad michael murray, chandler and monica, chandler bing, chandler/monica, christmastime, coffee, concrete angel, counting crows, courteney cox arquette, cupcake fics, dancing, dancing in the rain, david arquette, david schwimmer, draco malfoy, everlasting love, fan fiction, four to score, friends, friends-boards, garden state, gilmore girls, graphics, hard eight, harry potter, harry potter books, high five, history, hot six, ice cream, inside jokes, ipods, janet evanovich, jen movies, jennifer aniston, joe/steph, joe/stephanie, kenny chesney, late-night chats with friends, laughing, legally blonde, life, livejournal, love, luke/lorelai, martina mcbride, matthew perry, merge!, metro girl, mischa barton, mondler, monica geller-bing, morelli, morelli/stephanie, music, musical theatre, november, one for the money, orlando bloom, pals, parties, patrick fugit, photography, rachel bilson, rachel green, rain, reading, remus lupin, rnr, ron weasley, ron/hermione, ross and rachel, ross geller, ross/rachel, ryan and marissa, ryan/marissa, ryrissa, saved, scream, scream 2, scream 3, scrubs, seth and summer, seth/summer, sethmer, seven up, shopping, singing, soccer, softball, sports, stephanie plum, stephanie plum books, ten big ones, the cupcakes, the good girl, the notebook, the oc, the radio, theatre, thirteen, three to get deadly, till we meet again, to the nines, toc.net, two for the dough, u2, visions of sugar plums, walking in the rain, writing, zach braff